Just a list of what we are teaching and when. You never know there might be one here you've missed:

Feb 2024 - In Walked You,

Jan 2024 - Every Road, Good With Me, Waterfall.

Dec 2023 - Silverado.

Nov 2023 - Cowboy don't, Steamboat Queen, Telling on My Heart.

Oct 2023 - Erin's Boys in Boots, Memory Lane, 5 Leaf Clover.

Sep 2023 - Diamonds in a Whiskey Glass, Neon Hearts, Aaron's Country Dance, A Shot of Jose Cuervo.

Aug 2023 - 3 Tequila Floor, Ghosted.

May 2023 - Country Nights.

Apr 2023 - Rodeo Queen, Shakalaka Boom Boom, Tucson Too Late, Lonesome Drinkers, I Love 'em Every One.

Mar 2023 - Drinkaby, Never Drinking Again, New Friends.

Feb 2023 - Dreams Come True, Time is Everything, Lucky Lips.

Jan 2023 - Save It For a Sunny Day, Versions of You, Get In Or Get Out, Frisky,

Dec 2022 - We're Good To Go,

Nov 2022 - Beer With My Friends, Dancing The Country, No Body, Rum in my Coke, Heaven's Jukebox.

Oct 2022 - Love Grows, Georgia Heat, Country Touch, Mama and Me.

Sept 2022 - 2 Stepping Away, Don't Look Down, Love Me Like I Love You.

Aug 2022 - Dim The Lights, Changed Everything, Bottom of the Bottle, Symphony.

July 2022 - Georgia Heat, Storm and Stone.

June 2022 - Til The Neon's Gone, Through your Eyes, Adios Cowboy, Hearts Don't Rust, Draggin' Your Boots.

May 2022 - Mixing Moon, When She Cries, Reunited, So Good, Cut Loose,

Apr 2022 - If I Was a Cowboy, Danger Twins, Nickajack.

Mar 2022 - She Don't Know, I'm On My Way, You Got gold, Dance With Wolves, Some Kind of Wonderful.

Feb 2022 - Starlights, Raised Like That, Before You Love Me, Neon Blue.

Jan 2022 - Marthe Divine, Take It, Here We Go.

Nov 2021 - Corn, Train Wreck, Hillbilly Girl.

Oct 2021 - Cold Heart, What a Song Can Do, Brand New Man, 

Sept 2021 - Dum Di Dum, Into The Dark Night, One More Troubadour,

Aug 2021 - Jerusalema, Same Boat, You'll Be The One, Chasing Down a Good Time.


Mar 2020 - Crystal Touch, Wintergreen. 

Feb 2020 - Writing on the Wall, Tears I Cried, More Than You'll Ever Know.

Jan 2020 - I Swear, Marching Home, When You Smile, Morning Sun, Final Chance.

Dec 2019 - Adalaida, Senorita La La La.

Nov 2019 - Gone West, Fourteen Gears, Maybe Sometime, One Too Many.

Oct 2019 - Tonight We Might, Keep Dancing,

Sept 2019 - Playboys, Soul Shake, Stuck in Stupidville, I Love You Goodbye.

Aug 2019 - Nothing But You, Backroad Nation, Bonaparte's Retreat,

July 2019 - Crystal Blue, Just Gotta Dance, Completely Hooked, Blakes Big Buzz.

Jun 2019 - Yes M'am No M'am, When I'm Drunk, Everybody Wanna, Nothing's gonna Take Me Away

May 2019 - Lonely Blues, Small Town Summer, Dig Deep, My Angel and Me.

Apr 2019 - No Hands, Shaky, Lonely Lovers, Was She Spyin', Hotshot,

Mar 2019 - Like She Used To, 4 O'clock Waltz, Except Monday, Raised on Country, Good Vibes, Day of The Dead.

Feb 2019 - OH Me Oh My Oh, It's All in The Kiss, Texas Time AB, Down to the Honkytonk, Cherry Bomb.

Jan 2019 - Who's that Man, Graffiti, Codigo, Veil of Tears.

Dec 2018 - Brokenhearted, Homesick Heart.

Nov 2018 - Waves of Love, Mamma Mia! Why Me?, Free and Easy (Down The Road).

Oct 2018 - Cup-of-Tea, A Double Whiskey, Triple Mix, The King and I, Thank You.

Sept 2018 - You're My Angel, Damn!!!!!, What It Is, Straight To Hell, Sangria sun, Like a Fine wine, Long Haul Stroll, Urban Wave.

Aug 2018 - Beeswing, Dance Me Round, Moonshadow Road.

July 2018 - Texas Time, Feeling Kinda Lonely, Get It Right, Drinking Problem

June 2018 - She's My Baby, Imagine That, Cowboy Rides Away, Mr Cash, Cards On The Table, Whiskey Bridges, Someone Tonight.

May 2018 - Love Someone, Wink Wink, I Close My Eyes, The Dance, 

Apr 2018 - Blue Kisses, Whiskey Bridges, People Are Good, Before You Met Me, Alice, Stumbling In.

Mar 2018 - The Huckle duck, A Girl Like you, Story, Country Looks good on You, If I were You, Waiting on a Song.

Feb 2018 - Down on your Uppers, Sweet Hurt, Troubadour, All The King's Horses, Hangover Cha.

Nov 2017 - Unthinkable (W), Hell and High Water, Lucky Touch, Forget-Me-Not, All god's Children.

Oct 2017 - Hunky Dory, I Must Be Dreaming, Maybe Somewhere, Dance Her Home, Lonely This Weekend.

Sept 2017 - The Most Beautiful girl, Back To New Orleans, Ride Away, I Must Be Dreaming, Countryholic, Smokey Cha.

Aug 2017 - Ice Cold Corona, Funky Sole, Angel On My Shoulder, Take The Highway, Wild and Crazy, Millie, Wandering Hearts, 1159.

July 2017 - Dancin' The Dust, All My Best, Lonely Drum, Taking My Time, 1159, Little Nancy Mulligan, Old Time Rock        and roll Baby, Roots.

June 2017 - Things, Cool Blue Cha Cha, Taking My Time. Trouble Again, I Don't Look Good Naked, Rivertown.

May 2017 - Holy Days.

April 2017 - Old & Grey, Rose From The Sea, Champagne Promise,Cowboy for a Night, I Keep Forgetting.

March 2017 - Long Black Train, I Can Help, Bored, Making Love To You, Rosa Del Mar, Back to Being Me.

February 2017 - Everywhere (Mo Pitney), Long Way Home, Lay down and Dance, Blue Ain't Your Color.

January 2017 - Carnival Ride, Don't give Up, Bubba Boots, Let It Swing, Missing, Strip It Down, Cheap Cologne.

December 2016 - (Recaps and parties!)

November 2016 - Built to Last, Mud on the Tyres, Simple Things, Shadowlands,

October 2016 - Drift Off To Dream, Move Slowly, Walk in the Room, Water Off A Ducks Back, Drift Away, Hurry Love.

September 2016 - Some Girls Will, Loved Too Much, Cotton Candy Dreams, Nothing Hurts (Like a Heartache).

August 2016 - A Country High, Left in the Dark, The Bottle, The Music Man, Rum is the Reason, Back at Mamas.

July 2016 - Live & Learn, Do A Little Life, 2 Lane Highway, Twinkle Waltz, Move Slowly, Bring on the Good Times.

June 2016 - Thinkin' Country, Angeleno, Gypsy Queen.

May 2016 - Love Her For a While, Ticket to the Blues, First Comes The Night, Everywhere.

April 2016 - Feels Like I'm in Love, Stop & Drink, Lonely Tonight, Well Do Ya.

March 2016 - You're Dynamite, Sweet Mary Lou, Sylvia, Burning Love Baby.

February 2016 - The Last Living Cowboy, Big Blue Tree, Open My Eyes, A Little Humble, We Can Slow Dance, Think of You, Crazy 'Bout You.

January 2016 - First Fool in Line, Dance with Derek, Amazing Faith (revived). Listen to Your Senses, A Little Love Trip.

December 2015 - Sadie's Dress, Locklin's Bar, Beautiful Goodbye.

November 2015 - Boiling Point, Written in Scars, Break On Me.

October 2015 - The Everly Medley, I Do My Dreaming, Easy Feeling, Lay Low, Sinatra & Chadonay.

September 2015 - On To Something Good, Play The Lotto, It's High Time, You Never Know, Good Luck Girl, Until The Dawn, Little Liza Jane.

August 2015 - Lipstick, Powder and Paint, The Real Deal.

July 2015 - Homegrown, Islands in the Stream, Unlove Me, The Bomp, Skip The Line, My Country, High Time (Mal Jones), Walking Back To Happiness, Like a Rose.

June 2015 - Tell The World, Till It's Gone, After The Storm, Modern Romance, Rock & Roll, Tail Lights Blue.

May 2015 - A Friend to Me, South Australia, Maverick, Truck Stop, Up, Homegrown

April 2015 - Heavenly Cha, Your Loving Arms, To Be Loved By You, Runnin' Behind, I See Me, Little Lady Bug, Please Yourself.

March 2015 - New Shades of Blue, Triple Mix, Rock & Roll King, Text Me Texas, There's The Door, Cecilia, Unmendable, That's Just Me, Chasing You Around.

February 2015 - Love Is a Miracle, Memphis Love, Cecilia, Endlessness.

January 2015 - We Only Live Once, Sensuous Woman, Salt & Lime.

December 2014 - Playin' Tricks.

November 2014 - Don't Close your Eyes. Just Add Moonlight. Rock The Cradle. Urban Jeans. I'm Gonna Take That Mountain. Piano Man. In The Room. Tie The Knot.

October 2014 - Woman Trouble. Sweet Surrender, Trainwreck, Push, Such a Fool, Rock the Cradle. Revived Poor Boy Shuffle and Tumbling Rush.

September 2014 - They Call Me The Breeze. Carry You Home. Makita. Fly Like a Dove. Coaster Ride. Push. Revived Quarter After One.

August 2014 - Ball and Chain. Just Add Moonlight. Wildfire. American Kids.

July 2014 - Better Times.Shape I'm In. Boat to Liverpool.

June 2014 - Raggle Taggle Gypsy O. Mile Shy of Paradise. Loves Highway. Corn Don't Grow. Places. High Cotton.