Teased (tempted)


1 - 4 Walk forward on left, right, left, kick right foot forward,

5 - 8 Walk back on right, left, right, touch left toe beside right foot,

9 - 10 Step left foot to left side, slide right foot beside left,

11 - 12 Step left foot to left side, touch right foot beside left,

13 - 16 Rolling vine to the right on right, left, right, touch left besides right,

17 - 18 Step forward on left, touch right beside left,

19 - 20 Step back on right, touch left beside right,

21 - 22 Step left foot to left side, touch right foot behind left, (gent touch hat / lady dip slightly)

23 - 24 Step right foot to right side, step on left foot beside right,

25 - 28 Heels split, heels together, heels split, heels together,

29 - 32 Tap left heel forward twice, tap left toe back twice,

33 - 36 Left shuffle forward, right foot forward half turn left,

37 - 40 Right shuffle forward, left foot forward half turn right.

Smile and start again

Music : Tempted by Marty Stuart.

For best effect this dance should be danced in sync with the partner dancers.

Adapted from the partner dance “Tempted” by John and Janet Sandham

Choreographer : John Sharman

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